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Mail merge performs a One to One mail merge by default. Let’s say you are creating a sales performance report. If you have 5 sales reps and each repclosed 5 deals, when you do a mail merge, you create 25-word documents. more

There are multiple approaches available to export excel data to word. Pros and cons of each of them and how to choose the best for you. Almost every business user at some point of time would have copied data from excel to a word more

Ability to get new customers can truly make or break a business. Creating proposal is one of the most important functions of the business development team for winning new business. However, it’s a tedious job limiting the time more

HR has a lot of importance in modern day organization ranging from strategic planning to company image building. But manual activities are burdening HR teams to reach their full potential.HR activities like recruiting, hiring, disputes more

Mail Merge is one of the most popular features of Microsoft Office. Mail merge essentially merges Microsoft Excel data into Word document template. JSON plays an important role for data interchange and merging it with Word Templates more

Every organization whether big or small creates, consumes and distributes documents. Creation of Creation of documents by the manual filling of data into document templates is slow,expensive, and error prone. The best alternate more

SQL Server's ease of use, availability and tight Windows operating system integration makes it an easy choice for firms that choose Microsoft products for their enterprises. It is the platform for both on-premises and cloud more