Bulk PDF Invoice Generator

Bulk PDF Invoice Generator

Importance of Invoice Generator

One of the most important aspects of any business is managing the payment process. Since we send them to our customers, we want it to be perfect in all respects. Manually creating invoices wastes a lot of time and resources and always carries the risk of manual errors.

Hence, Enterprises turn to Invoice generators for automating the creation of invoices. They auto populate invoice template to ensure you don’t forget to include important details when filling out your invoices. If you generate only a few invoices per month, you can turn to any one of the hundreds of invoice generators available in the market.

But if you are looking to generate thousands of invoices in batch mode every month and have a complex invoice that conforms to your branding, regulatory compliances, and customer profile then most of these invoice generators are ineffective. Even for small organizations, batch invoice generation improves productivity and reduces hassles.


Bulk Invoice Generator

Let’s look at the important characteristics of an invoice generator. They support the population of thousands of records of data into templates to create invoices in one go. The invoice generator is expected to address the following requirements. requirements.

  1. Multi-lingual: If you are having offices in multiple locations across the globe, you want your invoice to be generated in Spanish, German, and Japanese etc. So your PDF invoice generator should support multiple languages
  2. Conditional Statements: Based on jurisdiction, specific business and tax requirements you may have to show different sections in the voice and hence require support for if/else conditions
  3. Images, QR Codes: The invoice template requires Population of QR codes and images
  4. Loops: Loops over data to populate it in the invoice template
  5. Complex data population: Populate tables inside tables (nested tables). This requires support for multi-level JSON/XML data.
  6. Arithmetic operations: Support basic Arithmetic operations such as +, -, *,/ for calculations

EDocGen PDF invoice generator

Apart from addressing each of the above requirements, what sets apart EDocGen from other bulk invoice generators is its performance. You can generate hundreds of invoices in just a few seconds. It supports the population of a wide range of data sources including Excel, XML, and JSON.

JSON: Almost all modern databases including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server allow you export database data in JSON format. Moreover, because of it's lightweight JSON is gaining more popularity for data communications. EDocGen is the perfect solution for the bulk population of JSON data into invoice templates for generating thousands of invoices in a few minutes

XML: XML is the universal standard for data interchange and most of the applications and the database allow you to export data in XML format. EDocGen is the easiest way to merge your XML data into invoice templates for bulk invoice generation

Excel: EDocGen bulk PDF invoice generator merges vertically & horizontally oriented excel data into invoice templates

Following are the few salient features of EDocGen PDF invoice generator.

  1. EDocGen bulk invoice generator is built for business users. Business users can create or modify invoice templates anytime in Microsoft Word /PDF. It supports both Word and PDF invoice templates
  2. Option to generate both PDF and Microsoft Word document formats
  3. WIth Excel data, you can perform many-to-one mail merge, which otherwise not possible in normal mail merge tools. Moreover, you can populate vertically aligned data as well
  4. 4-Level data: EDocGen supports up to 4 levels of XML/JSON data population into your invoice template
  5. A number of distribution options including mail, print, E-Sign, sync to cloud storage etc.

EDocGen is API first product. You can integrate Enterprise CRM, ERP, and other enterprise applications with EDocGen REST API for bulk and on-demand invoice generation. API integration eliminates manual intervention and populates Enterprise data into your existing invoice templates for PDF and Microsoft Word invoice generation.

EDocGen also offers Zapier integration for on-demand PDF invoice generation from thousands of cloud applications and databases. Hence, EDocGen perfectly fits into your ecosystem for Word and PDF invoice generation.

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