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Zapier - API - Excel, XML, and JSON data Merge - Webform

  • Your Docs=Templates

    Use your existing document templates. No separate template development

  • On-Demand Docgen

    Integrate with CRM, ERP, and back office apps for document automation

  • Interactive Docgen

    Generate documents by filling system generated data capture form (Webform)

  • Bulk Docgen

    Populate Excel, XML, and JSON into template for creating multiple documents

Fits Every Business

multi-lingual document automation

Document Generation

  • Data to Documents: Merge your existing templates with JSON-XML-Excel data to create documents

  • Database to Documents: Automate documents generation from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB etc.

  • Automate document workflow: Connect to 1000s of apps, and databases through REST API and Zapier integration
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Hosted on Google Cloud Platform with Enterprise-grade security and data Protection with AES-256 data encryption

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Greatly improves the speed and accuracy of document creation in your business. Shorten cycle times and improve customer communication management

  • By Industry

    Immediate ROI on complex manual document creation processes in Mortgage, Logistics etc. more..

  • By Format

    Supports XML, JSON, Excel and associated special cases such as many-to-one, vertical merge etc. more..

  • DB to Documents

    Create documents directly from your relational and NoSQL database data without any coding more..

  • By Systems

    EDocGen offers Zapier integration and REST APIs to integrate with BPM, CRM, ECM, ERP etc. more..

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Knowledge center helps you get started. For specific queries, write to support(at)

  • Do you support multi-lingual templates

    Yes. You can populate JSON/XML data in Japanese, French, Spanish etc. into your multi-lingual templates to generate documents

  • Do I have to perform data transformation of JSON/XML for population

    No data transformation is necessary and you can populate your JSON/XML file as-is into document template

  • Can I generate PDF documents

    You can use both Word templates and fillable PDF templates for PDF documents generation. However, currently the support for fillable PDF templates is only through API

  • What are the API performance benchmarks

    Our customers generated thousands of documents for complex templates with >200 dynamic fields in few seconds

  • What kind of dynamic fields can I populate

    Text, Tables, Images, Content-blocks (paragraph),hyperlinks etc. Apart from that, there is also support for conditional statements (if-else) and calculations