Automate Business Document Generation From Existing Templates

Digitally transform enterprise-wide document-related processes to improve customer communications and experience. Business user-friendly document generation software.

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Document automaton use cases

Product Features

bulk generation

Bulk Generation

Batch generates thousands of documents from various data sources - JSON/XML/Excel, databases, and enterprise apps in a few seconds.

document forms

Digital Forms

The system auto-generates data capture forms (Webforms) from templates. Use these online forms to create filled-in documents.

on-demand document generation

On-Demand Generation

Integrate with REST API to empower your users to download statements in real-time from the device of their choice.

document workflow


Personalize customer communication through several channels, including Email, e-Sign, print, etc. to create a consistent, engaging experience.

document automation system deployment


The solution is designed to be deployable on the cloud and on-premises. It's cloud-agnostic, meaning it can run on Azure, GCP, or AWS.


Microsoft Environment

Integrations with OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, and PowerApps allow you to run the entire system within the Microsoft environment.

How Easy It is to Generate Documents

Template formats

Use Existing Templates

The system supports the following template types.

  • PPTX
  • Microsoft Word
  • Fillable PDF (PDF Form)
  • PDF
  • Excel
DIY Template Creation
Business users can use the existing templates as-is after adding tags. The system employs a tag notation, with separate tags for text, tables, images, content blocks (paragraphs), hyperlinks, and other dynamic elements. In the native editors, users can add tags to their templates. They can also include if-else conditions, loops, and calculations in the template.
Template Management
A central repository of all approved business templates for better compliance and brand governance. Only authorized personnel can upload and delete templates.
template population

Populate Data

The system auto-generates fillable forms from templates. Filling of these dynamic form fields by internal or external users creates filled-in documents in the desired format.
Structured Data
Merge templates with JSON-XML-Excel data for data-driven document generation.
For template-based document automation, automatically fill in database records from Oracle, AQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
Enterprise Apps
Auto-generate business documents from ERP, CRM, SCM, and other applications by integrating with REST API.
EDocGen features

Document Generation and Distribution

Generate documents in various formats, and distribute them through email, cloud storage, e-Sign, and print.

The system supports major languages, including German, French, and Spanish, as well as RTL languages.
Complex Templates
You can populate up to 8-level JSON/XML data and perform many-to-one mail merges with Excel. As a result, you can create documents with nested tables, nested loops, and other complex structures.
Fastest System
The document generation system offers the best metrics for performance. It generates thousands of documents in a few minutes.
Pre-built Automation
Through various types of automations, schedule generation at specified intervals and then automatically upload the files in PCL5 or PostScript formats to an FTP server. Also, create custom workflows by connecting to 1000s of apps, and databases through Zapier and Tray integrations.

Documents from Apps, Databases, and JSON-XML-XLSX Data

Greatly improves the speed and accuracy of document creation in your business. Shorten cycle times and improve customer communications management.

Enterprise Solutions

Provides immediate ROI on document creation processes in mortgage, insurance, and other industries.

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Different Formats

It supports the generation of multiple document formats, including PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, TXT, etc.

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DB to Documents

Create documents directly from your relational and NoSQL database data without any coding.

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CRM to Documents

Generate Office and PDF documents from Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

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Out-of-box integrations with major enterprise platforms. REST API for custom integrations.

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Improve Business Productivity

Data-driven document automation solution that increases team productivity by >90%.

High Volume Production

Reliable dynamic document generation solution that scales as business needs evolve. Generate 1000s of documents with hundreds of pages in a few minutes.

Fillable Word and PDF Forms

The system auto-generates data capture forms from custom templates. Interactively generate documents by filling out these web forms.

Document Workflows

Integrate document generation software REST API with the organization's front-office and back-office apps for creating document workflows.

Control Document Output

Control final document output during the document generation process using - conditional logic, data filters, page breaks, and image sizes.

Document Packages

Populate multiple templates in one go instead of the individual population. Create document packages by reusing fields across templates.

Multiple Data File Population

Populate several data files into a template till you create the desired output document. The system creates drafts till the final document creation.

Flexible Document Generation Platform

It is a flexible system for generating documents from simple to very complex templates. Thus, the document automation solution caters to every line of business - Sales, Operations, HR, and Accounts. Assemble this enterprise document generation micro-service with other services for bringing about digital transformation.

Embrace this process for new growth opportunities and business model innovations.

document automation API

Hear from our clients

The ease of use and seamless integration with our existing systems have made our workflow so much smoother and efficient. The powerful features and robust functionality of EDocGen have truly transformed the way we create documents. It must be the go-to choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient document generation API."

Viktor Sobor

Product Manager @ CelsiusPro

I utilize EDocGen for our custom invoice generation. The amazing ability to upload our template and have it auto-populate with our data line items per client specifications is a huge time saver! It creates an amazing customized invoice complete with our corporate logo and color scheme for our customers and as many line items as needed. It auto-emails the invoices as well, creating a seamless and time-saving process."

Ruth Sschreiner

Accounts Receivable Manager @ Sendbird

Allows us to create word documents and send emails quickly, without much coding/programming. Offers hands down the best customer service, I've ever experienced."

Lasse Christiansen

Procurement @ EET Group A/S

We utilize various capabilities of the eEocGen platform to automatically generate and deliver rich personalized documents to our customers that we believe is a significant competitive advantage in our industry. In addition to a great product the support is outstanding! I strongly encourage you to give eDocGen a try if you are looking for an automated document creation solution."

Simon Lara

VP of Technology @ SPS Pool Care

Secure Document Generation Software

It is hosted on Google Cloud with the latest data protection and cybersecurity safeguards. All stored data is encrypted with AES-256.

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