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A Statement of Work (SOW) ensures that the work for a project will be finished by specific rules and expectations. A viable SOW will incorporate, in addition to other things, work subtleties, calendars, terms, and anticipated results.

An SOW normally incorporates:

  1. Extent of Work
  2. Project destinations
  3. Schedule
  4. Tasks
  5. Deliverables
  6. Payment of the task

An SOW can be utilized for a wide range of projects, running from tax auditing firm to an enormous scale government building contract. In this article, you'll figure out how to automate SOW generation from your existing templates.


SOW Creation problems

A lot of standard text (boilerplate) on scope, limitations, and duties, etc. goes into a template for SOW creation. Typically, companies maintain this boilerplate data in an Excel file. Depending on the project type, people creating SOW insert different text for each section from Excel data.

Hence, manual creation of SOW is a pain. Cut-and-paste data into the template for SOW creation wastes productivity. Also, there is always the risk of human error.

EDocGen SOW generator

Using EDocGen, you can automate SOW generation. Combination of conditional statements and the dynamic population of content blocks allows you to automate this elegantly.

EDocGen allows you to store individual text elements as paragraphs (content blocks) and sub-templates. Using if-else conditions, you can show/hide data and dynamically populate paragraphs for SOW generation. Business users themselves can generate SOW documents without IT intervention.

EDocGen offers REST API, Zapier and integrations for auto-filling rest of the sections of SOW – Customer details from CRM, Project schedule and tasks from the project management software.

EDocGen is the best cloud statement of work automation system. Give it a try by registering.

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