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Statement of Work (SOW)

No matter which industry you work in, there is one constant: projects and the documentation that comes with them. Whether you are running a Small business or work as a part of an international conglomerate, you’ll have a lot of projects on the go at any one time. After all, they are what make the business go round.

While projects can be fun and exciting, the documentation associated with them can be less than desirable. This is why, we often don’t give it the attention it deserves, to the detriment of the project. Perhaps the most important type of document is the Statement of Work (SOW).

A Statement of Work is also practically universal. It is frequently used in a variety of industries such as construction, tax firms, IT.


What’s included in a Statement of Work?

The best thing about SOW documents is that they are very flexible and can be simplified or incredibly extensive, based on the project and/or the business needs. It can be as simple as a list of tasks to do. On the other hand, it can go into further depth to outline the schedule of the project, the budget, constraints, milestones and a whole plethora of other business variables.

The Statement of Work (SOW) plans out every aspect of the project from start to finish. Aside from the basic sections such as introduction, the purpose of the project, or the scope and limitations - the SOW also includes the schedules for every part of the project, the people involved, and even the proposed budget for it. The SOW also helps companies make sure that their project gets finished within the outlined rules. Ascertaining that all obligations are met on both ends along with the criteria and expectations stated in the document.

For larger projects, a Statement of Work generally consists of:

  1. Extent of Work - dictating the rules of the project, what the particular limitations are, and generally what the project is all about
  2. Project Milestones - this section outlines the individual milestones as well as the acceptance criteria and project structure
  3. General Schedule - the nomenclature of this section speaks for itself because you will need to set a concrete schedule or proposed timeline for the project and its milestones
  4. Tasks - once the purpose, schedule, and structure of the project is set in stone, you will have to separate this into smaller and easier to accomplish tasks that fall under each milestone or major step towards completion
  5. Deliverables - this is similar to the general schedule as it explains which things are due, who they would be delivered to and when the individual due dates are
  6. Payment Schedule - this enumerates which tasks need to be paid, how much of the budget is allocated towards those tasks, and the schedule on which the payments would need to be made

Why - Statement of Work Generator

As one can see above, the SOW spans many aspects of a project. With so many different sections, variables, and a whole plethora of information to fill in - it can be difficult to keep track of everything, especially what is happening, and when. This is doubly true when you have to track down and input each and every single detail manually.

There are two major problems that come with manually creating and editing a Statement of Work: the first thing is it’s a total pain and you can easily lose track of data, and the second thing is the risk of human error.

Just image fishing out a million little details, from a dozen different places such as your CRM, spreadsheets, emails, sales notes and so forth… And while smaller businesses may not have such a large pool of data to go through, for major corporations one tiny mistake can mean that the entire project is derailed, or worse, it can simply throw the entire project out the window.

Introducing - The EDocGen Statement of Work Generator

The system makes creating Statement of Work documents (along with other important business files) as easy as just a few button clicks. It auto-fills data into templates for SOW generation.

If you’re tired of filling in the blanks and doing the back-and-forth juggle to find key pieces of information from various data sources - we offer REST API, along with Zapier, and integrations. Allowing you to seamlessly auto-fill data from your CRM and other project management software to create perfect Statement of Work documents on the fly, with zero involvement from IT.

You can also generate SOWs from Excel/JSON /XML data. Moreover, the system allows you to store individual document sections as paragraphs (content blocks) and sub-templates. Using if-else (conditional logic), dynamically populate paragraphs for SOW generation. Whenever there is a change in policies, you just need to modify the content block instead of all associated templates.

By using our revolutionary software, you can pre-create templates and save key data fields and workflows to practically automate the creation of your business documents. EDocGen also comes packed with a whole suite of cutting-edge security features such as totally granular access permission controls that operate on conditional logic.

So, if you are looking for the best way to create perfect statement of Work documents, without breaking a sweat, the EDocGen SOW Generator is definitely your best bet!

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