Contract Generator Software

Contract Generator Software

Contract Generation

Creating contracts is the backbone of any business. These include SOWs, MSA, agreements, etc. The contract generation process is part of the day-to-day business operations.

Manually drafting a contract by filling the template is tedious, error-prone, and will eventually kill off productivity. This also necessitates a manual contract review process for making sure everything is in order. Imagine the amount of time this consumes for creating a large number of contracts.

Moreover, contract template governance is a problem with manual processes. At the enterprise level, where contract templates are always circulating through the different departments, it would be a complete hassle to keep these templates updated. And sending an outdated contract to a client becomes more and more likely as time goes on. That risk multiplies if you have employees working remotely.

To avoid these potential risks, companies are adopting document automation platforms. They make sure that:

  1. Employees are using the most up-to-date contract templates versions
  2. Generation of contract documents happen in a fraction of time

These contract generator software can be used as a standalone application, or they could be integrated with your company's other enterprise applications.


EDocGen Contract Generator Software

It's a DIY document generation solution for business users to create documents from existing contract templates. Its flexibility comes in handy whether you are generating a small number or a high-volume of contracts. The system supports the dynamic population of sub-templates, loops, paragraphs, and conditional statements to address every document creation scenario.
  1. The system auto-generates interview-type questionnaires from existing templates. Filling templates through forms cut down contract document creation time to a fraction compared to the direct filling of templates. Moreover, for duplicate fields, filling the merge field value once auto-fills all multiple occurrences of that field in the template.
  2. Populate Excel/XML/JSON data into contract templates to generate contracts at scale.
  3. You can also generate contracts right from enterprise systems by integrating them with the contract generation software.

It empowers business users to have complete control over the contract generation process. They can use existing Word/PDF contract templates as-is without any IT intervention.

Document generation software offers

  1. A Central repository of templates with a fine-grained authorization mechanism. Only authorized personnel can upload or delete templates. Thus, users create the documents from a pre-approved template library that has the most up-to-date template versions.
  2. All the pre-approved clauses can be stored in the clause library. While creating documents, the system adds the relevant clauses to the template dynamically at run-time. This makes the document generation modular and maintenance-friendly. Whenever there's a change in a clause/content block, all associated templates reflect the change during document generation.
  3. Creation of complex contracts by merging data and clauses into contract templates based on conditions.

How it works - Contract process with Document Generation

Fillable forms: The system auto-creates intuitive, browser-based interviews from templates. Users simply answer a dynamic set of questions, grouped by topics and the system generates the contract on finishing it. In-built information validation ensures mandatory fields are completed and data is validated where possible. Users also have an option to save partially filled document as a draft. They can revisit the drafts and update them with more information before finally generating the final document.

You can "invite" your customers & vendors to fill the form online by sharing the URL. You can even pre-fill some of the information for them.

This simplified data input with a wizard saves 80-90% contract creation time.

Contract form

Batch Creation: Create multiple contracts with the click of a button. It supports It also supports the auto-population of JSON, Excel, and XML files into a contract template for batch contract generation. The system auto-sends generated contracts to your customers if the data file has an email field.

Bulk contracts generation

Some of the salient features of EDocGen include

  1. Support for multi-lingual documents generation.
  2. Arithmetic calculations right inside the template.
  3. Support for the dynamic population of tables, hyperlinks, lists, images, etc.
  4. Easy distribution of generated contract documents through email, print, and cloud storage. Also, enterprises can archive them to document management systems such as SharePoint.

This results in a standardized, scalable, and business user-friendly contract process. It dramatically reduces the time for the generation of new contracts and iterative changes. It brings speed and accuracy into your contract creation tasks.

Audit trails keep track of who changed what. This ensures compliance. Anytime, you can retrieve the previous versions from SharePoint DMS and restore them with your desired version.

The contract creator software is an API first product and offers a mature REST API. Through API integration, you can auto-fill the templates with the enterprise systems data to create contracts. The data may include customer information, product, and pricing information, terms and conditions, etc. Also, you can create contract workflows and approval workflows through integrations.

Use Cases

Let's explore a few real-life scenarios.

Contract Generator- Scenario 1:


Sales teams gather customer information for a while. They create contracts once the customer shows intent to purchase.


Use EDocGen fillable form for customer data capture. Initially, sales teams can fill it with available data and save it as a draft. They can continue updating it as and when new information is available. Once all the information is available, they can generate the contract document.

Sales teams can even share the secure URL of draft documents with customers. This enables customers to fill in the remaining details and E-Signature the document for final contract generation.

Contract Generator- Scenario 2:


Create a contract package containing multiple contracts for a geographic region.


The contract generation software can populate the data into multiple contract templates at once. Thus you can create a complete contract documents package, without re-keying the same data again and again. Users can produce contracts according to business rules using a combination of if-else conditions and clauses.

The system is the best solution to your company's contract creation needs. Book a demo to know more about EDocGen contract generator software.

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