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Contract Generation

Contracts are an essential part of business operations for any enterprise. Different departments in the organization regularly create contracts. These include sales contracts, vendor contracts, employee contracts, etc.

Manually drafting contracts is tedious, kills productivity and is error-prone. Enforcing contract template governance is a big pain if you have offices in multiple locations.

Sending an outdated wrong template to a customer can be disastrous. To avoid these risks and productivity killers, organizations are deploying contract generation software. They ensure that

  1. Employees are using the most up-to-date contract template version
  2. Generation of contract documents in a fraction of time

Contract generation applications can be deployed standalone or can be integrated into other front-office and back-office business applications.


EDocGen Contract generation software

EDocGen offers flexible options for on-demand and high-volume contract creation. You can create high-value critical contracts using interview type questionnaire and low-value contracts in batch mode. You can also generate contract right from enterprise systems such as CRM.

It empowers business users to have complete control over contract generation activity. They can create/edit the most common types of contracts, including NDAs, MSAs, and SOWs in their favorite Word/PDF editors. Thus they can use existing templates without any IT intervention.

EDocGen offers

  1. A Central repository of templates with fine-grained access mechanism. Workflow for template approvals
  2. Repository of contract clauses/content blocks. This makes the document generation modular and maintenance friendly
  3. Complex contract generation by merging of data and clauses into templates based on conditions

How to generate contracts

Fillable forms: EDocGen auto-creates intuitive, browser-based interview from templates. Users simply answer a dynamic set of questions, grouped by topic to generate the contract. Inbuilt information validation ensures mandatory fields are completed and data validated where possible. Users also have an option to save partially filled contracts as a draft.

This simplified data input with a wizard saves 80-90% contract creation time. Moreover, this is extremely useful for iterative changes to an existing contract.

Word form

Batch Creation: Create multiple low-value contracts on click of a button. EDocGen is API first product and offers a REST API. Through API integration, auto-fill the templates with the data from CRM and other enterprise systems to create contracts in batch mode. The data may include customer information, product, and pricing information, terms and conditions, etc.

EDocGen also supports auto-population of JSON, Excel, and XML files into contract template for batch contract generation.

Mapping screen

Some of the salient features of EDocGen include

  1. Support for multi-lingual contracts generation
  2. Athematic calculations right inside the contract template
  3. Support for the dynamic population of tables, hyperlinks, lists, images, etc.
  4. Archival of generated documents to document management systems such as SharePoint. Various options for distribution including email, print, and cloud storage.

This results in a standardized, scalable, and business user-friendly contract process. EDocGen contract generation software dramatically reduces the time for new contract generation and iterative changes. It brings in speed and accuracy into your contract drafting.

Audit trails keep track of who changed what. Anytime, you can retrieve the previous versions from SharePoint DMS and restore with your desired version.

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