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Enterprises that sell goods and services often issue a receipt. It is a simple document that acknowledges that the business has received money against the sale. The types of receipts include rent receipts, donation receipts, cash receipts, etc.

Any time that your business processes any sort of payment, you carry the burden of generating a receipt for that particular exchange. If it's only a few receipts, you can create them manually.

Easy to generate professional looking invoices digitally on-click of a button is like a dream for just about every business under the sun. It's even more advantageous for large corporations, particularly in the financial, utility, and telecom sectors. In these industries, generating receipts digitally can save you hundreds of hours, and millions of dollars in expenses.



Invoices Vs. Receipts

Now, don't get receipts confused with invoices! While it's true that in B2C (Business to Consumer) transactions, the invoice and receipt would generally happen simultaneously - it's a whole different world when it comes to the B2B (Business to Business) side of things. When you're dealing with a B2B transaction, the commonly accepted practice is to first send the invoice, and once it's paid - issue a receipt.

In a B2C scenario, it is called the sales receipt and in B2B, it is called payment receipt. Since businesses are moving to online payments, allowing users to download receipts on successful transaction enhances the customer experience.

Receipt Creator

Generally speaking, if you only need to generate very simple receipts, in very small batches - you can probably get away with using Microsoft mail merge. However, if you have lots of receipts to go through, need those receipts in PDF format, or want to do any sort of data-tracking - you suddenly come face to face with the realization that you're in for some very long nights.

So what should you do?

Your best bet is to find a dedicated receipt creation Software (often dubbed "receipt creator" for short). These software solutions are built with a single purpose in mind - to help businesses automate the generation and delivery of their receipts. You can shave off hours of work with features like receipt templates, auto-populate data from a CRM or database, batch receipt generation, etc.

Leverage these receipt maker tools to generate complex sales and payment receipts online. Again, not all receipt maker tools are alike. Only a few of them are easy to use and are flexible to cater to your needs.

  1. If your organization has offices across the globe, the system must support multi-lingual receipt generation
  2. Must support your organization's receipt templates
  3. Show/hide data based on conditions
  4. A central repository for holding different receipt templates

EDocGen Receipt Maker

Using EDocGen, you can automate the generation of both sales receipts and payment receipts, without any complex setup or involvement from IT. It allows business users to create or edit receipt templates to generate DocX and PDF receipts on the fly - all in just a couple of minutes.

But, that's not all - EDocGen supports the dynamic population of

  1. QR Code/BarCode:
  2. Nested Lists
  3. Calculations
  4. If/Else conditions
  5. Nested Tables
  6. Multi-lingual Receipt Creation

The central repository holds all receipt templates, which are protected by granular authorization and authentication mechanisms. This means that you get to control the level of access and each user's permissions down to the smallest detail.

Are you looking to take the automation of your receipt generation a step further? Integrate your enterprise systems with the REST API to programmatically generate receipts. You can also create a myriad of custom workflows and integrate EDocGen into your software processes by hooking it up with Zapier or

Apart from bulk generation, you can also use the system for on-demand receipt creation. For example, you can trigger the receipt generation for every successful payment transaction.

The system offers a lot of options for the distribution of receipts. Whether you're looking to prepare receipts for printing, store them on the cloud, or deliver them digitally - we've got you covered with our best-in-class receipt generation software suite.

EDocGen is the business user-friendly receipt generator. Request a demo for your company to see what it can do for your business!.

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