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Enterprises that sell goods and services often issue a receipt. It is a simple document that acknowledges that business has received money against the sale.

Typically, the receipt is issued after an invoice is paid. Though there is a lot of difference between an invoice and a receipt, you often find them used interchangeably. In B2C business transactions invoice and payment happen simultaneously. But in B2B business receipt is followed by an invoice. Thus organizations either issue a separate sales receipt or combine it with Invoice to issue a single invoice cum payment receipt depending on the customer type.

If your business is creating only a few receipts, then you can as well create them manually. Financial, utility and telecom industries create thousands of receipts in batches. Utilizing the receipt generator for this purpose saves a lot of hours and dollars.



Receipt Creator

For simple receipt creation, you may use Microsoft mail merge. However, it is not suitable for a large number of complex receipts creation. Moreover, if you are creating PDF receipts then it’s not useful.

Receipt creator software automates the generation and delivery of receipts. They populate receipt templates with data residing in CRM or other enterprise systems to generate receipts in batch. You can also create receipts on-demand.

Leverage these receipt maker tools to generate complex sales and payment receipts online. Again, not all receipt maker tools are alike. Only a few of them are easy to use and are flexible to cater to your needs.

  1. If your organization has offices across the globe, the system must support multi-lingual receipt creation
  2. Must support tax calculations right inside the template
  3. Show/hide data based on conditions
  4. Supports different receipt formats

EDocGen Receipt Maker

Using EDocGen, you can automate the generation of both sales receipts and payment receipts. The business users themselves can create/edit receipt templates and generate receipts without IT intervention.

It allows you to generate thousands of receipts in Docx/PDF format in a few minutes. EDocGen supports the dynamic population of

  1. QR Code/BarCode:
  2. Nested Lists
  3. Calculations
  4. If/Else conditions
  5. Nested Tables
  6. Multi-lingual

The central repository holds all receipt templates with fine-grained authorization and authentication mechanisms. Only authorized personnel can generate receipts from the application.

Integrate your enterprise systems with REST API for directly generating receipts. You can also create a workflow by integrating with Zapier or

The system offers a lot of options for the distribution of receipts. If your data file contains email ids, it auto-sends generated receipts as attachments. You can print, sync to cloud storage or document management system.

EDocGen is the business user-friendly receipt generator. Give it a try by registering.

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