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Convert JSON file to Word

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Mail Merge

Mail Merge is one of the most popular features of Microsoft Office. For those wondering what it is, mail merge process allows you to generate several documents from a single template and a structured data source. Most often, you find Excel and Microsoft Access database as data sources. The data source data fill the dynamic content while keeping the static content of the template as-is.


JSON Mail Merge

JSON because of its lightweight is fast becoming de-facto standard for data-interchange replacing fatty XML. Hence JSON format is often used for serializing and transmitting structured data over a network. Creating mail merge with JSON as the data source for producing various business documents greatly enhances organization’s efficiencies.

Let’s take the case of HR operations. HR teams fill templates manually with Organization’s HRMS/ERP system data to generate offer, experience, increments letters etc. Exporting employee data from ERP as JSON and populating templates with it saves HR team from tedious, expensive and error-prone manual documentation. Similarly, sales team can auto-generate proposals and post sales documents. Such an automation benefits every department of the organization including Legal, Finance, Marketing. Moreover, business users can users can auto-generate documents on-demand without seeking IT support.



There are lot libraries and APIs available for developers to produce documents. But if you are a business user looking for a DIY system to generate documents from JSON data then EDocGen is the solution.

EDocGen is the perfect solution to auto-fill JSON file to Word template.

The best part is users can use existing document templates to auto-generate documents. It doesn't force users to switch to system's templates/formats. In few clicks, convert existing document into template and fill it with JSON data to generate documents individually or in batch. There are two ways to populate JSON file - Through EDocGen app UI and API.


App - JSON file to Word Document Generation


First step is to upload existing word template into EDocGen. If your document is EDocGen template ready, great. If not, you can convert it in few clicks.


Step 2:

Hover over document template and click "Generate JSON” action button. Clicking on it generates JSON format for the document template. Download it and make sure your JSON file is in the same format.

JSON format temmplate



Hover over document template to see “Create Document” action button. Click on it and in the drop down select “generate documents from JSON’. Upload JSON to generate documents.

JSON file to Word Document Generation

API - JSON file to Word Document Generation

EDocGen is API first product. It's Windows OpenXML based API that supports filling of dynamic text, tables, and images in word templates with JSON array data. The process is very similar to above. In Step1, add relevant dynamic tags to your template. In step2, upload the template into EDocGen. In step3, call API function by passing template ID and JSON file.

EDocGen is the simplest and fastest solution to convert JSON file to Word, online or through API. Register and start populating your JSON data into Word template.


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