Enterprise Document Automation

Every function of the business generates documents from Enterprise data. Often, this data resides in Enterprise applications and databases. Automating document generation from this eliminates inefficiencies and improves employee productivity.

Companies communicate with their customers through documents. Getting this right improves customer experience, and provide unique opportunities to cross-sell up-sell. Imagine including a relevant targeted offer in a customer invoice. Enterprise document automation software allows you to create thousands of such documents in a few minutes.

Enterprises are deploying enterprise document automation platforms not just for cost-savings. It improves brand and template governance. It makes sure that employees use the right templates, images, and other digital assets. Thus businesses avoid costly compliance and branding disasters.

EDocGen is one of the best enterprise document automation platforms. It is a DIY platform for business users to automate document processes. They can do this by themselves without IT intervention.


Document Templates

The system supports both PDF and Word templates. Business users can use their templates as-is.

JSON to Word Mail merge

  1. The centralized repository that holds the organization’s business templates, content blocks, sub-templates, images, etc.
  2. Organize templates in folders
  3. Centralized administration with a simple interface for a template approval workflow. Templates can be published across the entire organization in real-time
  4. Use existing Word and PDF templates. Business users can edit templates in their favorite editors for adding dynamic tags. Through these tags, the system identifies the sections of the template, to be filled with data.
  5. Allows storage of template versions. Anytime, managers and admins can revert to older versions

Data Population

Forms (Interactive Generation)

  1. Auto-generates fillable forms from templates without requiring any development efforts
  2. Integrate with Google forms for easy distribution of forms outside of the organization
  3. Automatically segregates mandatory and optional data entry fields
  4. Option to save partially filled documents as drafts and update them later
  5. Allow editing of published Word and PDF documents

Enterprise applications and database (Bulk Generation)

Enterprise document automation
  1. Creates bulk PDF and Word documents by populating date from applications and databases in Excel/ XML/ JSON format
  2. Also, you have an option to generate HTML and images
  3. No costly data transformations and you can map the data fields to dynamic fields in an intuitive interface
  4. Supports up to 4-level JSON/XML data for the population of nested tables with a variable set of columns and rows
  5. Content blocks and sub-templates can be embedded in templates based on business rules. Whenever there is a change in content block, it reflects in all associated templates that cover it
  6. Businesses can automate the document workflows using EDocGen REST API. It integrates with Enterprise WebApplications and databases for bulk and on-demand document generation.

Document Distribution

We've got you covered for every document distribution scenario - print, store them, or deliver by email.

  1. Integrates with SharePoint document management system, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive
  2. Integrate with Digital signature providers and document management systems that your firm is already using, if they offer API
  3. Publish across print, e-mail, text messaging and DMS
  4. Configure your account settings for sending documents from your business email. The System allows you to customize the email body and subject. Either you can send generated Word/PDF documents as attachments or include HTML/Image in the email body.
Enterprise document automation


 Power-packed Templates

Business users themselves can add loops, conditional statements, calculations to the template to address every possible document generation scenario. Apart from Word, you can use both fillable and non-fillable PDF templates.

 Unmatched performance

Dynamically populate Images text, table, hyperlinks, sub-templates, QR Code, Barcode and content blocks to create thousands of simple to complex documents in a few seconds.

 Control document output

Greater control over final output by dynamically controlling image and text sizes. You can also show/hide data using conditional statements (if-else).

 Productivity and Governance

Your Enterprise’s templates and digital assets can easily be updated and deployed in real-time. They are readily available to your employees and partners anytime and anywhere. The system saves 80-90% of time and effort in document generation.



EDocGen is hosted on Google cloud. We take the utmost care for data protection and are GDPR compliant.

  1. Tested rigorously to ensure that all data is saved securely
  2. Only store minimal user data that includes email and name
  3. All data transmission in the enterprise document automation system is done using SSL

The system is only accessible for authorized personnel. It supports multiple authentication methods. These include manual login with Email and Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, user authentications are performed through the Enterprise's authentication Service such as ADFS and Azure AD.

Business users themselves can assign permission levels to individual employees and teams. They can create user accounts with different roles. Online administration console gives full control over who has access to which templates and other digital assets. Audit trails are embedded across the platform.


  • Templates need to be set up for supporting multiple brands. How can this be managed?

    Use existing templates for multiple brands as-is. Moreover, you can dynamically populate images (logos) at runtime. For ease of maintenance & access control, we can set up a separate folder for each brand.

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