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Happy customers are the best brand ambassadors for businesses. Customer communications play a key role in shaping their experience. A major part of customer communications happens through letters.

Thus the letters must be

  1. Accurate and free of errors
  2. Highly Personalized
  3. Must conform to regulatory compliance, if any

Manual letter creation by re-keying data into letter templates wastes productivity. Automating this allows business users to create thousands of personalized letters in a few minutes.

Let’s explore a few use-cases for business letters creation.


Business scenarios – Letter Generator

For some businesses such as insurance and lending, letters are an integral part of business operations.

HR teams create employee documents such as appointment letters, confirmation letters, and increment letters.

For financial institutions, collections play an important role in the cash flow. They use letters for sending reminders, information, notices. Automating this reduces cycle times.

Healthcare providers create a variety of letters from Patient Data.

The letter generators provide unprecedented opportunities for companies. Marketers can auto-include personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers in the letters.

Problems with Current Letter generator software

These systems auto-fill data into letter templates for generating letters. Most of them are legacy tools.

  1. Often, they are modules in core application suites. Back in the days, they were developed for IT users. Thus even for a small template change, business users need IT intervention
  2. Letter generators are often slow. Also, they're not scalable to produce a large number of letters
  3. With each legacy system having its letter generator, template governance becomes problematic. This happens due to the way technology solutions have been acquired, built and implemented over time
  4. They don’t offer a modern API for integration with other applications. Hence on-demand real-time letter generation is not the forte of these letter generators
  5. They are built for printing letters and hence offer only limited delivery channels

EDocGen letter generator

It's a DIY system built for business users. Letter generation could be either real-time activity (on-demand) or bulk.

  1. In an on-demand generation, a work-flow gets triggered on certain customer/employee actions to create and send letters
  2. In bulk generation, generation and distribution of thousands of letters happen in one-go

The System supports hyper-personalized business letter generation of scale and complexity.

Letter Generator

Some of the unique features of the letter generator include

  1. It offers one of the best performance metrics in the industry. Generate thousands of Word and PDF letters in a few minutes
  2. Conditional statements, sub-templates and multi-lingual support for region-specific letter generation. You can use a single master template for producing different variants
  3. Supports dynamic population of text, tables, images, hyperlinks, lists, barcodes, QR codes
  4. Integrate with almost any system through REST API, Zapier and integrations. Thus you can use it as Enterprise-wide letter generation platform

Populate data from databases, applications, XML, Excel, and JSON data to create letters. You can also use the auto-generated fillable form from your template for interactive letter creation.

Distribute generated letters through mail, print, or sync to cloud storage. If your data file has email ids, the system auto-sends generated documents to individual customers as an attachment. Also, there is an option to archive them into DMS.

EDocGen offers a central repository of approved templates. This ensures employees using only the latest

  1. letter templates
  2. approved digital components including paragraphs, logos, sub-templates are used for personalized letter generation

It offers near-unlimited options when it comes to simplifying the generation and handling of your letters.

Whether you're looking to prepare letters for printing, store them on the cloud, or deliver them digitally - we've got you covered with our best-in-class business letter generation software suite. Sign up today or request a demo for your company to see what it can do for your business!

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