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Old Style Proposal Generation

Ability to get new customers can truly make or break a business. Creating proposal is one of the most important functions of the business development team for winning new business. However, it’s a tedious job limiting the time available to sales reps in engaging with potential customers.

Often, time available to produce a winning proposal is limited thus putting further pressure on sales teams. Manually filling of proposal templates with cut-and-paste data is expensive, slow, and often error-prone. Delete a wrong clause or forget to change customer name and the entire proposal process can go off the rails.

Imagine the lost productivity and time if sales executive creates a new proposal by filling 15-20 dynamic fields in the proposal template. Modifying old proposal by replacing fields such as customer name, pricing table, proposal conditions etc. to create a new proposal is even bigger productivity killer. Missing a single change can ruin the entire hard work and even threatening organization’s brand reputation.


Proposal Automation Software

Solution to the problem lies in automating proposal generation using proposal automation software. These systems automate the generation of proposal documents from organization’s CRM. Integration with CRM automates the proposal generation. Alternatively, the sales rep use customer data in Excel/XML/JSON formats to generate proposals individually or in bulk. For example, Salesforce has almost 40 document automation tools integrated with it.

If you don't store customer data in these formats, you still can take advantage of proposal automation software. They allow users to fill dynamic fields (Ex: Client Name, Pricing) of proposal template through fillable form thus eliminating cut-and-paste errors. Bottom line is these tools reduce the amount of time salespeople devote to compiling, writing and reviewing sales proposals.

But lack of simplicity in these tools is limiting large-scale adaptation. Some of them are so complex that even for small changes in templates, business users have to seek IT support. Almost all of them force users to junk existing proposal formats and create brand new templates in their systems again. Any changes in formats require reworking. For a small organization, it amounts to a lot of upfront costs.

EDocGen Proposal Automation Software

EDocGen is a next-generation proposal automation software built with the following objectives.

  1. Take the pain out of template creation by allowing users to convert existing documents into templates at the speed of a few clicks (few seconds!)
  2. DIY system that requires zero IT support
  3. Provide multiple options to auto-fill proposal template - online form/Excel/XML data to generate error-free proposals on a fly.

EDocGen supports the dynamic population of text, tables (cost tables), reusable content blocks, & images and is extremely flexible to cater to different kinds of business proposals. The sales rep can fill the proposal template through customizable online questionnaires or by populating CRM data thus auto-generating documents individually or in batch mode.

  · Text – Fill only once for a field appearing in multiple places within the document

  · Table – Table rows can be added dynamically in online data capture screen

  · Image – Existing image can be replaced dynamically with another image of the same dimension

  · Content Block – Reusable content blocks can be inserted into the proposal template at runtime

  · Conditional StatementsIF/ELSEfor customizing proposal as per business and customer requirements

  · Calculations – Arithmetic operators +, -, *, / for performing calculations on dynamic data

Interactive proposal automation: EDocGen auto-generates fillable forms from your templates. Often times while filling proposals, you might have encountered a scenario where you enter the same value (Ex: Employee name) at multiple places in the document. With EDocGen you enter the value in the form only once and the system fills at for all multiple occurrences of that field in the proposal document.

On-demand proposal automation: EDocGen integrates with your CRM systems through Zapier/ REST API to generate proposal documents on-demand.

EDocGen offers Zapier integration for automating proposal creation and delivery without any manual intervention. For example, once a customer submits an online form or a sales rep enters customer records in CRM, it triggers proposal document creation. Not just it saves time, but also creates a wonderful customer experience.

EDocGen is API first product and has well-developed REST API. Thus it can be integrated with CRM systems to generate proposals directly from CRM data. Through its Google drive integration, generated proposals can be synced to Google drive.

Bulk proposal automation: EDocGen also allows the population of XML/ Excel/JSON into proposal templates for multiple proposal documents generation. You can export your prospect and customer data in any of these formats for multiple proposal generations in one go.


  1. Empower sales rep: Help your sales reps to become more efficient, freeing up time to sell more business
  2. Better brand governance:The central repository of approved proposal templates for proposal generation helps in organization-wide consistency in brand
  3. Improve customer experience: Your sales reps can respond faster to customer requirements thus engaging customers better

EDocGen is a versatile proposal automation software that adds great value to your sales organization. Give it a try.

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