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“Every interaction that your customer has with you is an opportunity for you to make a good impression.” Onboarding is the first customer interaction and sets the tone for the whole relationship between your organization and the customer.

Deloitte research revealed that on average 38 percent of customers drop out of the onboarding process, often as a result of frustration with the sheer volume of touchpoints and paperwork involved. They need to provide the same information to different people several times, leading to confusion.

With COVID-19, the physical channels for onboarding have shrunk. This opens up organizations to try the digital approach that is emerging as an alternative. Digital onboarding reduces touchpoints, lowers frustration levels, and increases the speed of onboarding. It significantly optimizes the client onboarding process, creates efficiencies, and provides a good customer experience.

Moreover, paper-based onboarding is less secure. Since 2018, billions of dollars were spent on financial crime enforcement actions related to onboarding compliance lapses. Digitalization in onboarding is highly secure compared to paper-based systems. Thus, it reduces compliance risks.

Onboarding is not a one-time job. Every time, you do up-sell/cross-sell your products or services to the existing customer base, you initiate the onboarding again. Reducing friction and improving user experience ensures that they access all the services and products contracted in a simple and fast way.

Customer Onboarding Software

Software-led onboarding decreases the data entry for customers and reduces the number of process steps. The scope of customer onboarding software can be very broad or very narrow, depending on the business type. In most industries such as banks, insurance firms, telecom, and healthcare, onboarding can be limited to collecting the data and filling out the application. Customer onboarding software provides seamless and smooth remote onboarding for their customers.

Onboarding software comes with the following features.

  1. · Have intuitive navigation
  2. · Avoids unnecessary re-routing from one channel to another
  3. Implement autofill thus minimizing data entry

Choosing the right software is always a challenge. It has to be compliant with the ever-changing regulations and is adaptable for new product launches. Creating onboarding forms, document collection processes, every time a new product is launched/modified, puts a lot of work for the IT team. How about DIY software for business users to do it themselves? Welcome to EDocGen.

Why EDocGen

The system brings in the experience, intelligence, and novelty in delivering digital experiences through interactive, batch, and on-demand communications. The cost-effective and value-added offerings enable organizations to provide self-service capabilities, digitally onboard experiences, and much more.

The solution reduces cost, expedites revenue stream, and sustains compliance. With this, automate your customer onboarding process and quickly allow customers to open their accounts without any hassle.

  1. Generate filled in documents for submission
  2. Archive e-signed documents in your document management system
  3. Capture legally binding e-signatures on digital forms
  4. ID and other compliance documents capture

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