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Automate Bonus Letter Generation and Delivery


Once in a year employer reviews an employee's work and performance and decides the bonus. This is formally communicated to the employee through a bonus letter. The same process is carried out for pay review letters as well.

Typically, HR teams mass mail these letters to all employees. Most of the HR teams use Excel data to do a mail merge for sending letters.

Using mail merge to generate bonus letters is cumbersome and wastes a lot of productivity. It’s important to deliver this letter to employees on time. An error-free letter is an essential requirement. With mail merge, you can’t be sure of both.

Moreover, HR teams send password-protected documents to keep the information in the bonus letter confidential. Only the employee with a valid password can open the document. Again, this is not possible with the mail merge.

Even if the HR teams are using other formats such as XML and JSON, these issues would persist. Most of the HRMS systems don't support these features either.

Bonus Letter Automation

EDocGen provides an elegant solution for automating the pay review letter creation and delivery.

You can use your existing templates for letter generation. Compared to traditional approaches.

  1. You can generate thousands of letters in minutes.
  2. Retains the format of data, which is otherwise hard in the mail merge.
  3. Create password-protected PDF files.
  4. The system provides you the flexibility to create different bonus letter formats from a single master. Utilizing conditional statements, you can dynamically populate sub-templates/paragraphs/text to generate region-specific letters.
  5. Multi-lingual support.
  6. The system allows you to populate each of those templates with a single data file. If your organization has offices across the globe, you use multiple bonus letter templates. Populating each of them with a single data file makes the job easier.

How to generate Bonus letters

In the following sections, we’ll see how to generate bonus letters with an example.

Step1- Add tags to your template:

If your organization has an existing bonus letter template, add dynamic tags to it as shown in the example below. It has dynamic text, table, and conditions.

Text tags: The dynamic text fields are tagged with { } Ex: {Customer}, {Date}.

Conditional statements: As you can see in the template, the salutation depends on the gender value in Excel. {#Gender == "F"}Ms.{/}.

Formatting: You can format numbers using “format_number” in the tag. Through the tag {Bonus|format_number:","}, we are instructing the system to use “,” separator after thousands.

Image Population: Populate digital signature image through image tag {%Imageid}. In the below template see the tag {%SignImg} that populates the signature.

Step2- Data Population for Bulk Generation: Upload the template into the system and populate the dynamic fields with Excel data. The system generates the bonus letters in bulk.

The following Excel generates two pay review letters for employees, Maria & Rob.

Step3 - Email the Letter: If your Excel has the Email column, the system automatically delivers the respective bonus letter to the intended employee.

If the document is encrypted with the password, you can include that information in the mail body. Using the right password, the employee can open the letter.

If you want to auto-send these emails from your business email (Custom sender email), you can set up your mail account. The system also allows you to download all the generated bonus letters or sync them to cloud storage.

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