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Automate Offer Letter Creation and Delivery in Bulk

Offer Letter

An offer letter is a formal document given by an organization to the potential employee confirming the offer of employment. It provides key terms of the prospective employee's employment. These include Job title Job description starting date, work schedule, reporting structure, salary, and conditions.

An organization may use different job offer letter templates depending on the jurisdiction, geography, employment type, etc. If it has offices across the globe, it’s imperative to use templates in multiple languages.

The offer letter sets the tone for the candidate's onboarding experience. Long delays in sending offer letters because of manual processes disrupt your company's hiring goals. According to a recent survey, around 49 percent of candidates, who declined a job offer did so because they'd already accepted another offer.

Manually creating an offer letter by re-keying, the information from Applicant tracking systems wastes time. It is slow and error-prone. A minor error in the offer letter makes your organization looks unprofessional in the eyes of the prospective employee.

Why Automate Offer Letter

Sending out an offer letter within minutes of deciding, likely to decrease your time to hire. That requires a streamlined process, which is automated. The letter automation software helps organizations in this. They save time and effort in hiring top talent quickly.

  1. Generates a large number of offer letters on click of a button
  2. It removes the risk of discrepancies and errors across your Offer Letters
  3. No print-post-sign-scan of documents. E-Sign the documents while generating

They just don’t automate generation but automates the delivery of offer letters as well. They send the generated offer letters to individual prospective employees.

Thus, letter automation software improves data governance, assist with compliance regulations, and get offer letters to candidates faster.

EDocGen Offer Letter Generator

It is one of the best software for automating offer letter generation and delivery. The system is built for business users and provides them complete control over the offer letter generation process.

With a central repository of templates, you can have all the latest offer letter templates at a single place. The role-based authorization provides granular access control to system users.

You can use XML/Excel/ JSON data to populate offer letter templates to generate hundreds of offer letters in a few seconds. It’s versatile to address different scenarios you encounter while generating offer letters.

The system supports

  1. Elegant template governance
  2. Multi-lingual offer letter generation
  3. You can use the same data file (Excel for example) to populate multiple templates
  4. The dynamic population of logos, text, tables, etc.
  5. Paragraphs /content blocks containing offer terms can be inserted at run time based on conditions
  6. Integration with E-Sign providers

If the data file contains email addresses, the system auto-sends the generated offer letters to potential employees. You can sync generated documents to your document management system (DMS), download, or print.

Below is the offer letter template we use for our example video.

Here is the Excel data that we populate into the template.

Once the offer is accepted, you can use EDocFormz for remote onboarding of employees. Combined with EDocGen it decreases your time to hire and onboard thus giving you an edge in the war for talent.

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