You can create checkboxes and check /uncheck them through if-else conditions. For the following JSON file, you can create a checkbox in your Word and PDF templates by including the conditions as below.

[ {
"Enter_Name": "Steve",
"Enter_Email": "[email protected]",
"Job": {
"Role": "Engineer",
"Company": "Cisco",
"Address": "SanJose"

{#Enter_Name == "Steve”}



{#Enter_Name != "Steve”}



Let's attempt a little complex, real-life example - Gender selection. Let's say you want to check the "Male" checkbox if the value is "M"  and check "Female" if the value is "F".


{#Gender ==”M”} ☒Male{/}{#Gender !=”M”}☐Male{/}{#Gender =”F”}Female{/}{#Gender =”F”}☐Female{/}

This produces check-boxes in the same line with one of the box checked if value is M/F.

You can use this example to create as many check-boxes you want for a selection. You can also perform multi-selection of check-boxes.