QR Code and Barcode

QR Code and Barcode population are very similar to dynamic embedding of online images . There are many online services for QR Code and Barcode generation. Google offers a free  QR code generator. After generation, pass the URL in the data file. Below is the sample JSON containing the QR Code and Barcode URLs.

            "Name": "Rick & Morty 1",
            "image1": "                                                https://camo.githubusercontent.com/e12db4f7b6cdeb14ea928e01e306ac73a9fb70fa/68747470733a2f2f656e64726f69642e6e6c2f71722d636f64652f4c6966652532306973253230746f6f25323073686f7274253230746f253230626525323067656e65726174696e672532305152253230636f6465732e706e67",
            "image2": "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e9/UPC-A-036000291452.svg/1200px-UPC-A-036000291452.svg.png"

For population, include image tags into your template as shown below. You can set the dimensions right inside the template.

{%photoimg2 type=”image” height=”400” width=”400”}
{%photoimg1 type=”image” height=”400” width=”400”}

Upload this template into EDocGen and populate the QR code and Barcode.