Need for document creation software

Organizations both big and small create a variety of documents as part of their business operations. This includes sales proposals, invoices, procurement contracts, NDAs, etc. Some businesses such as legal, mortgage, and real estate are inherently document-intensive and documents play a central role in their day-to-day transactions. Hence they generate high-volumes of documents.

Manual document creation is slow, expensive, and error-prone. Missing or entering the wrong data can be catastrophic. Hence organizations that use manual documentation have elaborate processes for document review, thus creating further inefficiencies. Smart organizations use document automation solutions for automating document generation from enterprise applications and databases.


Familiar Tools

Tools such as Tableau, SSRS, Crystal reports generate documents from databases but they lack the document design. Business users still need to depend on IT help for template creation and template changes. Document templates undergo frequent changes due to regulation and business-related changes. Business users then have to seek IT help even for small template changes. Most IT departments are resource-constrained and getting a developer's time is difficult and expensive.

Some enterprise applications offer document generation capabilities. They only support certain document types as templates are hard-coded. They can only be used along with the applications they are bundled with, not for enterprise document generation processes. The biggest problem with such a piecemeal approach is the template and brand governance become a nightmare.

EDocGen Enterprise document creation software

It immensely benefits business users in generating documents from enterprise databases and applications. They can use existing templates and populate them for document creation. Thus, it gives them the flexibility to change templates as-and-when required in their favorite Word/PDF editors.

It is the best enterprise document creation software that addresses every business document type.
  1. It is API first product. You can automate document creation from hundreds of apps and databases using REST API and integration brokers.
  2. Supports interactive, bulk, and on-demand document creation.
    1. The system auto-creates fillable forms from existing templates. Users can them for interactive document creation.
    2. It creates thousands of brand-compliant documents with the click of a button from a database and structured data.
    3. Create on-demand documents in the document workflows using integrations.
  3. Offers multiple delivery options including E-Sign, Email, sync to cloud storage, etc.
  4. The system supports multi-lingual templates. You can populate French, Japanese, Spanish, etc. data for multi-lingual document generation.
  5. The templates can be extremely modular. You can create the desired document by assembling sub-templates and content blocks. A single modification to a content block can bring in a change in hundreds of templates.
  6. You can use complex conditional statements to show/hide parts of the document based on business rules.
  7. System supports the population of multiple templates in one go as well as several data file populations into a single template.
  8. Serves for every document scenario through the dynamic population of graphs, tables, images, hyperlinks, lists, etc. The tool also supports the population of nested tables, blobs, and base64 images.

document generator

Document Creation from Database

Traditional Databases to Documents

Please refer to database mail merge on how to go about document creation from traditional databases. Business users can create documents in three simple steps.

  1. Enter connection details for Oracle/SQL Server/ MySQL.
  2. Enter relevant SQL Query. The system supports complex queries including outer and inner joins.
  3. Populate the template with the retrieved data for document creation. From here on, document creation steps are similar to the XML/ JSON/Excel population.

Alternatively, integrate with REST API for bulk and on-demand document creation. The API integration requires just 10-15 lines of code.

Cloud databases to Documents

Cloud Database as a service (DBaaS) providers offers a user-friendly simple interface and flexibility. Knack, Zoho creator, and Caspio are the market leaders. Business users can create documents from them similar to traditional databases. Connect to DBaaS from EDocGen by entering connection details. The query would retrieve the data.

Once the connection is established, generate documents in three simple steps. In the mapping screen, you can map the query fields to the template's dynamic fields. Thus you can populate data as-is without any transformation.

Document Creation from NoSQL Database

Document Creation from Database

NoSQL/Document Databases to Documents

NoSQL/document databases such as MongoDB store data in JSON or a JSON like documents. As of now, the tool supports document generation from MongoDB only. The document generation is very similar to traditional databases. The only difference is in the query. Instead of SQL queries, you use "db.collection.find()" to retrieve records.

You can also integrate MongoDB with the document creation software API for bulk and on-demand document creation. The API integration requires just 10-15 lines of code.

XML,JSON, and Excel Population

The document creation tool supports the population of XML, JSON, and Excel data files into the document template for document creation. It supports any structured data format and no data transformation is necessary. You can map the dynamic fields to your data file elements during document creation. Thus underlying data structure changes would not have any effect on document generation. Even better, if your dynamic field tag matches with that of the data file's headers, the system automatically maps the fields.

Once the documents are created, you have an option to mail them/send them to e-sign/sync to Google drive.

Documents creation software automates the entire document generation needs of your Enterprise. Give it a try.

Document Creation from NoSQL Database

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