Enterprise Document Automation

Every function of the business generates documents. Sales teams create proposals, Finance creates invoices, HR creates bonus letters, etc. Often, they create digital documents by populating relevant templates with enterprise data. This data resides in data files, databases, and enterprise applications. Automating these tasks through a single enterprise document automation system eliminates inefficiencies and improves employee productivity.

Let's take the case of customer communications. Companies primarily communicate with their remote customers through electronic or digital documents. Sending the right document with the right information at an appropriate time improves customer experience. This also offers unique opportunities for businesses to cross-sell and up-sell other products/services. Imagine, including a relevant targeted offer in a customer invoice. The conversion rates of such a digital offer outscore any other channel.

Enterprise document automation software allows you to automate the creation and distribution of such business documents in large numbers. The bulk generation is just one piece of the software. You can also use it to create documents on-demand and interactively.

Enterprises are deploying document automation solutions not just for the above reasons. They improve brand and template governance. They make sure that employees use the right templates, images, and other digital assets. Thus businesses can avoid costly compliance and branding disasters.

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EDocGen is one of the best document automation platforms. It is a DIY solution for business users to automate document processes from existing templates. They can create documents and document workflows by themselves without IT intervention.

It's an API first product. Enterprises can deploy this document automation microservice for their digital transformation projects. The system automates the creation of a wide range of documents including PPTX, DOCX, PDF, Excel, TXT files. It also offers omnichannel document distribution. Developers can integrate with the existing IT ecosystem effortlessly.

Document Templates

The system supports PDF, Excel, PPTX, and MSWord templates. Business users can use the existing business templates as-is.

JSON to Word Mail merge

  1. The central repository stores the organization's digital assets including business templates, content blocks, sub-templates, images, etc.
  2. Centralized administration with a simple interface. It has in-built role-based template rights management. While super-admins can upload templates for the whole organization, managers can upload for their groups.
  3. Organize templates in folders.
  4. Business users can use existing business templates and don't require IT help for template creation. They can edit templates in their favorite editors for adding dynamic tags. Through these tags, the system identifies the sections of the template, to be filled with data.
  5. Populates Content blocks and sub-templates at run-time based on business rules. This makes your templates more modular. Whenever there is a change in the content block, it reflects in all associated templates that cover it.

Data Population

Using EDocGen document automation software, business users can generate electronic documents in bulk, on-demand, and interactively without manual processes.

Forms (Interactive Generation)

The system auto-generates fillable forms from your PDF and Word templates. Users fill these forms to create filled-in documents. Creating documents by filling forms is 80% faster than manually finding and filling each field. These forms can be used within the organization or can be shared outside through a secure URL. While employees can use these forms within the system, customers and vendors fill the external forms.

  1. Auto-generates fillable forms from templates without requiring any development efforts. You can customize those forms to include drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  2. The system supports the population of a large range of dynamic fields into the template including tables, images, content blocks, etc.
  3. Users can upload Word, PDF, and image files through form. These would be embedded into the final generated document.
  4. You can break a large form into multi-page forms by grouping related fields. This makes the form clean and easy to fill.
  5. It's difficult to fill a large number of fields in one go. The system provides an option to save partially filled documents as drafts and update them later. A user can update it any number of times before submitting it.

You can use these forms for the customer, partner, and employee onboarding. They can finish the onboarding documentation in minutes, instead of back and forth emails and manual filling of repeat data into documents. They can fill the form fields, upload supporting documents, and E-Sign them to auto-generate all onboarding documents in one go.

Interactive document generation is also useful for creating customer support guides, product guides, manuals, etc. that undergo frequent revisions.

Enterprise applications and database (Bulk Generation)

Create invoices, letters, contracts, etc. in bulk by populating data files into your template. The system is built for speed and high performance. It generates thousands of business documents in a few minutes.

  1. Creates bulk PDF, Excel, HTML, TXT, PPTX and Word files by populating data in Excel/ XML/ JSON formats. No costly data transformations and you can populate data as-is.
  2. Generates documents from your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  3. Supports every document scenario using complex conditional statements.
  4. The system allows the merging of two or more templates into a single template package. Thus, you can create document packages from a single data file in one go.
  5. You can create graphs, charts and include HTML styling for tables and headings.
  6. Businesses can automate the document workflows using EDocGen REST API. It integrates with Enterprise WebApplications and databases for bulk and on-demand document generation.

Document Distribution

We've got you covered for every document distribution scenario - print, store them, or deliver them by email.

  1. Integrates with your organization's enterprise document management systems for document archival, version control, and retrieval. You can also sync generated documents in cloud storage such as Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  2. Configure your account settings for sending documents from your business email. The System allows you to customize the email body and subject. Either you can send generated Word/PDF documents as attachments or include HTML/Image in the email body.
  3. Integrate with digital signature providers that your firm is already using, if they offer API.
  4. The system prepares print-ready files, merging all generated documents.
  5. You can create document workflows that consume generated documents.
Enterprise document automation


 Power-packed Templates

Business users themselves can add loops, conditional statements, calculations to the template to address every possible document generation scenario. Apart from Word, you can use both fillable and non-fillable PDF templates.

 Unmatched performance

Dynamically populate Images text, table, hyperlinks, sub-templates, QR Code, Barcode, and content blocks to create thousands of simple to complex documents in a few seconds.

 Control document output

Greater control over final output by dynamically controlling image and text sizes. You can also show/hide data using conditional statements (if-else).

 Productivity and Governance

Your Enterprise’s templates and digital assets can easily be updated and deployed in real-time. They are readily available to your employees and partners anytime and anywhere. The system saves 80-90% of time and effort in document generation.



EDocGen is hosted on the most secure platform Google cloud. It encrypts the system data stored at rest, using encryption mechanisms. We take the utmost care for data protection and document security.

  1. The system undergoes in-depth penetration tests regularly to identify loopholes, after every major release.
  2. Only stores minimal user data that includes email and name. After document generation, the system auto-deletes sources data from servers.
  3. All data transmission through Secure Sockets Layer(SSL).
  4. GDPR compliant.

The system is only accessible to authorized personnel. It supports multiple authentication methods. These include manual login with Email and Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, user authentications are performed through the Enterprise's authentication Service such as ADFS and Azure AD.

Business users themselves can assign permission levels to individual employees and teams. They can create user accounts with different roles for access rights. The online administration console gives full control over who has access to which templates and other digital assets. Audit trails are embedded across the platform.

 Share Templates

Super-admin can share templates with the whole organization. Similarly, managers can share templates with users reporting to them. Thus, the users would generate documents only from the approved templates.

 On-premises deployment

Some enterprises cannot use the cloud for security and privacy reasons. For them, the solution can be deployed on-premises, for better control over security, privacy. It also can be deployed on a private cloud.


  • List of supported databases?

    Oracle DB, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

    List of supported CRMs?

    Dynamics 365, Salesforce.

    Templates need to be set up for supporting multiple brands. How can this be managed?

    Use existing templates for multiple brands as-is. Moreover, you can dynamically populate images (logos) at runtime. For ease of maintenance & access control, we can set up a separate folder for each brand.

EDocGen is the best enterprise document automation platform. Book a demo to see it in action.


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