EDocGen Solutions


Financial institutions such as Banks, credit unions and wealth management firms need to produce high volumes of customer documents. Moreover, all customer communications must adhere to regulatory compliance.

Using EDocGen you can easily achieve large-scale personalization, omnichannel delivery of documents. This offer unique cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for banks to leverage. For a detailed overview click here.


Insurance is a highly competitive and regulated business. With growing pressure of cost savings and scrutiny from regulators, adopting document generator software is becoming a necessity for insurance providers.

Using EDocGen document generator software, insurers can automate the generation of business documents including policies, agreements, policies etc. directly from Enterprise systems without re-keying data. For a detailed overview click here.


With more and more borrowers opting for digital lending, lenders and loan originators are moving away from manual documentation processes.

Using EDocGen document generator software, lenders and loan originators can generate accurate loan document packages directly from CRM, Loan origination systems, or other front-end platforms. For a detailed overview click here.


In manufacturing, each individual order produces a lot of documents. Customer orders, orders to suppliers produce an enormous amount of documentation. This includes tooling requests, estimates, purchase lists etc.

Automating document creation across the supply chain using EDocGen Document generator software greatly improves turnaround time and decrease costs.

Real Estate

Real estate companies are slow to adopt new technology. Now they are quickly catching up and are rapidly transforming. They are accelaring their digital transformation journies using EDocGen.

The future of real estate will be driven by digitization. Click here to know more.