EDocGen is the fastest and simplest document creator software for creating Microsoft Word and PDF documents from your existing templates. It supports bulk, on-demand, and interactive document generation. Dynamically populate text, tables, images, hyperlinks, paragraphs, and reusable content blocks etc. into your Word and PDF templates to create documents.

You can also perform calculation and show/hide data with conditional statements in multi-lingual templates. You can populate JSON data in French, Japanese, Spanish etc. to generate multi-lingual documents.

Bulk document creator

Create bulk documents by merging Excel, XML and JSON data into document templates.

Excel : Say goodbye to tedious limited functionality mail merge. Merge vertical & horizontal orientation of excel data into Word and PDF templates for the population of multiple tables, hyperlinks, and dynamic images into

Excel to Word Mail merge

Document Creation from Excel

Vertical Mail Merge: Supports population of vertically aligned Excel data into a template. This is useful when you have a large number of computations in your excel sheet. The calculations are mostly vertically oriented for ease of performing them.

Horizontal Mail Merge: Offers a number of advantages over regular mail merge including support for complex templates, multi-tables, images etc.

Many-to-one Mail Merge: Online solution for many-to-one merge/merge multiple rows into a single document

JSON : Document databases such as MongoDB use JSON documents for storing records. EDocGen is the perfect solution to auto-fill JSON data into document templates.

JSON to Word Mail merge

Document Creation from JSON

EDocGen is the online document creator for converting JSON file to Word and PDF documents. Just upload JSON array and map the template's dynamic fields to JSON elements thus avoiding any data transformation. It supports the population of nested tables for up to 4-level JSON data.

XML : XML is the universal standard for data interchange and often times you find need to merge XML data into document template. EDocGen is the easiest way to merge your XML data into Word/PDF template for making it readable and for making it brand compliant.

JSON to Word Mail merge

Document Creation from XML

EDocGen is OpenXML based solution that supports filling of XML data into document templates without any data transformation. Just upload XML and map the template's dynamic fields to XML elements. It supports the population of nested tables for up to 4-level XML data

Interactive document creator

Data Capture Forms

EDocGen document creator auto-creates fillable forms out of your DOCX templates. Create document 80% faster by filling this data capture form.

  • Fill once to populate multiple occurrences of a field in the template
  • Dynamic population of images
  • Dynamic population of content blocks/paragraphs
  • Conditional statements and calculations
Fillable form in Word

On-Demand document creator

Connect to thousands of applications and databases to auto-generate documents from them for user actions.

EDocGen Zapier document creator

Document Creation using Zapier

Applications: Examples include integration with form builder software such as Google forms, Wufoo to auto-create documents on form submissions

Databases: Examples include integration with traditional databases such as MySQL, SQL Server. For every new record insertion /updation, a document gets generated

EDocGen API document creator

Document Creation using API

EDocGen document creator is API first product and offers a well-developed API. The REST API uses a subset of the ODATA specification. ODATA is an HTTP-based REST API, with standards for how to describe objects and actions.Integrate with in-house applications and databases to auto-create documents as part of work-flow or employee actions.