EDocGen Document Generation Blog

For every enterprise, PDF is the default standard for document exchange with vendors, customers, and government. The reason behind this is PDF file retains the format irrespective of device and operating system.

No matter which industry you work in, there is one constant: projects and the documentation that comes with them. Whether you are running a Small business or work as a part of an international conglomerate, you’ll have a lot of projects on the go at any one time.

Contracts are an essential part of business operations for any enterprise. Different departments in the organization regularly create contracts. These include sales contracts, vendor contracts, employee contracts, etc.

Happy customers are the best brand ambassadors for businesses. Customer communications play a key role in shaping their experience. A major part of customer communications happens through letters.

Enterprises that sell goods and services often issue a receipt. It is a simple document that acknowledges that business has received money against the sale. Any time that your business processes any sort of payment, you carry the burden of generating a receipt for that particular exchange.