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Will you ever fill a document manually, if there is a choice to use a system/tool that auto-generates documents. None of us will. Manual filling of documents is expensive, slow, and often error-prone. Moreover, every organization is going for more

In every organization database plays an important role in holding entire organization’s data across functions/departments.Manual creation of documents from database records is a costly and time-consuming task. DIY document generation system more

HR has a lot of importance in modern day organization ranging from strategic planning to company image building. But manual activities are burdening HR teams to reach their full potential.HR activities like recruiting, hiring, disputes more

In every organization, database plays an important role in holding entire organization’s data across functions/departments and these organizations create a variety of documents from database data. Typical documents include Sales proposals more

EDocGen helps business users to generate documents in bulk as well as on-demand from traditional databases.In this article, we limit ourselves to Oracle, MySQL, and SQL server databases as they are the top 3 database engines. more

Every organization regularly creates business documents such as such as proposals, invoices, non-disclosure agreements etc. No one likes to re-invent the while creating these documents. Instead, use templates—standardized files conforming more

One of the most important aspects about of any business is managing the payment process. Since we send them to our customers, we want it to beperfect in all respects. Manually creating invoices wastes a lot of time and resources and always more