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In the last two posts, we covered how to generate invoices and payment reminders. Once your customer pays the invoice, you send them a payment receipt acknowledging the payment. It’s a customer experience best practice.

The payment receipt document shows the amount paid, the date of the payment, the invoice number, and the method of payment. It is proof of a full or partial payment towards the invoice. The receipt is a legal document, combined with the invoice, which gives the full details about the transaction.

Moreover, invoice receipts are a useful and valid record of the expense for accounting purposes. For businesses, the receipt needs to be processed by the accounting department, or they may need it for an expense report.

Manually creating each receipt and sending them by mail wastes a lot of productive hours. It can be quite a pain to add line items, the totals, and calculate taxes.

Invoice Receipt Generation

If you have hundreds of customers, manually creating a large number of invoice receipts wastes productivity. Using EDocGen, you can automate the creation and delivery of invoice receipts.

In the following sections, we’ll see that with an example.

Step1- Add tags to your template:

If your organization has an existing invoice receipt template, add dynamic tags to it as shown in the example below. It has dynamic text, table, and conditions.

Text tags: The dynamic text fields are tagged with { } Ex: {Customer_Name}, {Company_Name}

Table tags: We add the invoice table here. {#tableid}{/tableid} is the tag for the dynamic table. Notice the tags {#IT} {/IT} for the invoice table with table columns

Conditional statements: As you can see in the template, the address section has multiple conditions including nested conditions. It shows the correct address format, whether address2 and address3 are present or not.

Also, we’re showing the sales tax value only if it has value. Otherwise, we show blank there.

Calculations: We add sales tax to the invoice amount for calucualtiing “Total Amount Due” using {Sum+Sales_tax} tag. {Val1+Val2} adds the values Val1 & Val2.

Step2- Data Population for Bulk Generation: Upload the template into the system and populate the dynamic fields with Excel/JSON/XML data. The system generates the invoice receipts in bulk.

The following Excel generates two invoice receipts for companies ABC & DEF.

Step3 - Email the Receipts: If your Excel (JSON/XML) has the Email column, the system automatically delivers the respective invoice receipt to the company’s contact.

If you want to auto-send these emails from your business email (Custom sender email), you can set up your mail account in the system.

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