EDocGen Document Generation Blog

Enterprises use PDFs for the customer, vendor, and partner collaboration. It’s also common to use them for internal team collaboration. PDFs are popular because of their print-ready, cross-platform format. They maintain the document format irrespective of the operating system and device. more

Vendor onboarding is the process of gathering the documents and data needed to set up a vendor. Here vendor in the sense, the whole league of suppliers, merchants, partners, and more. To have a high-performing vendor in your company’s supply chain, you need a robust vendor onboarding Process. more

“Every interaction that your customer has with you is an opportunity for you to make a good impression.” Onboarding is the first customer interaction and sets the tone for the whole relationship between your organization and the customer. more

This blog details how to create documents in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format from MySQL data. It concludes with the advantages of using the document generation software route and how and it provides lower TCO (Total cost of ownership) over other approaches. more

SSRS falls short in many ways if you're looking for more flexibility in PDF generation, speed, and user-friendliness. These limitations can be a significant drawback, and you'd be looking for alternative options that are easy on the pocket and can work well on many fronts for PDF generation. It examines the other popular alternatives. It concludes with the advantages of using the EDocGen and how it is more business user-friendly over other approaches. more

For developers and tech-savvy individuals, PDF generation APIs provide a powerful way to generate PDFs programmatically. These APIS offer flexibility and customization options, enabling you to automate the process and integrate PDF generation into your applications or workflows. The PDF Generator API offers a wide range of use cases for developers across different industries. more

Businesses across various industries are constantly seeking ways to improve operational efficiency and productivity. One area that has seen significant advancements is document automation. Document automation software offers a powerful solution for streamlining document creation, reducing manual errors, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore how it benefits different industries and its future implications. more

Business users often find a need to populate Word/PDF templates with XML data to create PDF documents. So a tool that automates the population of XML data to PDF templates enhances productivity and saves time. more