Telecom Documents

Telecom companies provide a large portfolio of services including Internet, digital telephony, digital television, mobile products, etc. to retail customers and businesses. They communicate with their customers with a variety of documents including invoices, notices, contracts, campaigns, etc.

The complexity in creating personalized documents from extensive product catalogs poses unique challenges to telecom businesses. Some of the telecom companies serve customers across the globe. So it’s imperative to provide documents in the customer’s language. They create both a high volume and on-demand documents.


Hence telecom businesses require a solution that

  1. Auto-generate customer documents from a large product and solutions portfolio quickly
  2. Produce personalized documents in many language versions all at once

While some customers may prefer receiving documents in the mail, some would prefer email attachments. Some others would like you to send an SMS/text message as well. So customer communication could be through multiple channels.

Ideal Solution for Telecom documents automation

To address the above requirements, the solution should

  1. Support a large number of templates and sub-templates
  2. Supports easy creation and maintenance of document templates by business users. Without this, production of the material needed for rolling out new offers becomes slow and error-prone
  3. Support for dynamic insertion of sub-template for each product/solution
  4. REST API for creating the documents from within the IT stack
  5. Allows configuration of complex business rules for personalization right inside the template
  6. Deliver of documents through multiple channels including mail, SMS, print, E-Sign, and document management systems

Telecom software

EDocGen Telecom Software

EDocGen supports the generation of documents on-demand, batch, and interactive. It automates document creation from various data-sources including applications, databases, and structured data. It also allows document distribution through Omnichannel approach.

Document Generation

Batch generation: EDocGen generates thousands of documents in a few seconds. Integrate EDocGen with the database, CRM and other application to generate thousands of documents on click of a button. EDocGen is API first product and offers a well-developed REST API for integration.

On-demand generation: Provide documents to your customers with what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. You could even trigger it based on certain activities in the customer journey or connect it with your workflows.

Interactive generation: The system auto-creates fillable forms from templates. These forms offer simplified data input with a wizard to guide the user along with inbuilt data validations. This is particularly useful for the creation of one-off documents such as Product Manuals, Operation Guides, product Descriptions, etc.

Omni-Channel Delivery

Omnichannel delivery improves customer satisfaction by delivering through channels customers prefer. EDocGen allows you to distribute generated documents through print, e-mail, SMS. You can also send them for E-Sign or to document management systems for archival.

Benefits of telecom software

Cross-sell/Up-Sell: The document generation provides unprecedented opportunities to telecom and telecommunications companies. They can create personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers by auto including offer information in the documents.

Save Time and Money: It takes less time and fewer people to create and send documents. Production of documents becomes easier and more resource efficient.

Compliance: All the templates are version controlled with the proper right management. Only authorized users can upload/edit templates. You can be sure that everybody is using the right template every time

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