Create business documents faster utilizing existing templates for improved customer and vendor communications. DIY system for business users.



Create error-free proposals interactively or in bulk. Automate proposal creation from your CRM by integrating it.


Generate invoices in bulk from Excel/JSON/XML data and auto-send them to individual recipients from your business email.


Automate contracts generation from template documents and route them for E-Sign. The system integrates with all major E-Signature providers.


Generate loan packages by populating multiple loan document templates with a single data file or form input in one-go


Generate letters fast from pre-approved existing templates and auto-send them to respective recipients.


Bring your template and generate documents - SOWSs, Reports, Receipts, etc. by populating them with data.

" Upload our template and have it auto-populate based on our data line items per client specifications is a huge time saver."

Ruth Schreiner, SendBird

 Word and PDF Templates

 Use Existing templates

DIY Template Creation: Dynamically fill text, tables, images, Barcodes, QR Codes, content blocks (paragraphs), hyperlinks, etc. to existing templates. Just need to add the relevant tags to the templates. You can also add conditions (if-else), loops, and calculations.

Adding tags for Microsoft Word and fillable PDF templates is straight-forward. For read-only PDF templates, edit them in your favorite editors for adding tags.

Template Management: A central repository of all approved templates for better compliance and brand governance. Only authorized personnel can upload and delete templates.

Populate Data

Form to Documents: EDocGen auto-generates fillable form for populating dynamic fields

Data to Documents: Merge templates with JSON-XML-Excel data to create documents

Database to Documents: Automate reports, letters and invoices generation from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

Enterprise Apps to Documents: Auto-generate business documents from ERP, CRM, SCM, etc

 Data Sources

 Fits Every Business

Document Generation - PDF, Word, HTML & Images

Generate documents in PDF, HTML, JPG, and DOCX formats and distribute them through email, cloud storage, E-Sign, and print.

Save development time: Integrate with document generation API to automate document generation from Enterprise apps and databases.

Automate document workflow: Connect to 1000s of apps, and databases through Zapier and Tray integration


                                                                                                             Hosted on Google Cloud with Enterprise Security

                                                                   Fine-grained authentication and authorization mechanism. Add multiple users and assign roles.


Greatly improves the speed and accuracy of document creation in your business.
Shorten cycle times and improve customer communications management


Immediate ROI on complex manual document creation processes in Mortgage, Insurance, etc.
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Supports XML, JSON, Excel, and associated special cases such as many-to-one, vertical merge, etc.
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Create documents directly from your relational and NoSQL database data without any coding.
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EDocGen offers Tray, Zapier, and REST APIs to integrate with BPM, CRM, ECM, ERP, etc.
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Document Generation from Thousands of Apps

On-Demand Generation: Integrate with CRM, ERP, and back-office apps for on-demand document generation using REST API, Zapier and Tray integrations.

Interactive Generation: Fill auto-generated data capture form (Web form) for interactive document generation. You can save partially filled forms as drafts.

Batch or Bulk Generation: Populate Excel, XML, and JSON data into a template for bulk document generation


Addresses the entire organization's document automation needs. Increases productivity by >90%

Bulk Document Generation

Populate Excel, XML, and JSON into a template for creating documents in batch. You can also populate databases Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Fillable Word and PDF Forms

The system auto-generates data capture forms from templates. Interactively generate documents by filling these web forms.

On-Demand Document Generation

Document generation software is API first product with a well-defined REST API. Integrate it with CRM, ERP, and back-office apps for document workflow.

Control Document Output

Control final document output using conditional logic, data filters., page breaks, and line breaks. You can also dynamically control image and text sizes.

Document Packages

Populate multiple templates in one go instead of the individual population. Create document packages by reusing fields across templates.

Sequential Data Population

Populate multiple data files sequentially into a template till you create the desired output document. The system creates drafts till final document creation.

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