Why Document Generator Software

Organizations both big and small create a variety of documents as part of their business operations. This includes sales proposals, invoices, Procurement contracts, NDAs etc. Some businesses such as legal, mortgage, and real estate are inherently document intensive and documents play a central role in their day-to-day transactions.

Manual document creation is slow, expensive and error-prone. Missing or entering the wrong data can be catastrophic. Hence organizations that use manual documentation have elaborate processes for document review, thus creating further inefficiencies.

Document generator software automates the document generation. It generates on-demand /bulk documents from internal systems such as CRM, databases, and data in XML, Excel, JSON formats. Thus document generator software improves customer experience, employee productivity and reduces cycle times.

EDocGen Document Generator Software

Using EDocGen, you can create simple to complex, multi-lingual PDF and Word documents on click of a button. It supports the dynamic population of text, tables, images, hyperlinks, and reusable content blocks etc. into Word and PDF templates.

Hence, business users can create or edit templates in Microsoft Word/PDF editors thus enjoy full control over templates.

  1. Text – Fill only once for a field appearing in multiple places within the document
  2. Table – Table rows can be added dynamically in online data capture screen
  3. Image – Existing image can be replaced dynamically with another image of the same dimension
  4. Content Block – Reusable content blocks can be inserted into proposal template at runtime
  5. Conditional StatementsIF/ELSEfor customizing proposal as per business and customer requirements
  6. Calculations – Arithmetic operators +, -, *, / for performing calculations on dynamic data


With more and more borrowers opting for digital lending, lenders and loan originators are moving away from manual documentation processes.

Using EDocGen document generator software, lenders and loan originators can generate accurate loan document packages directly from CRM, Loan origination systems, or other front-end platforms.

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Insurance is a highly competitive and regulated business. With growing pressure of cost savings and scrutiny from regulators, adopting document generator software is becoming a necessity for insurance providers.

Using EDocGen document generator software, insurers can automate the generation of business documents including policies, agreements, policies etc. directly from Enterprise systems without re-keying data.

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In manufacturing, each individual order produces a lot of documents. Customer orders, orders to suppliers produce an enormous amount of documentation. This includes tooling requests, estimates, purchase lists etc.

Automating document creation across the supply chain using EDocGen Document generator software greatly improves turnaround time and decrease costs.

Freight forwarders

Freight forwarders handle an enormous amount of paperwork and documentation for each consignment. With multiple suppliers to collect from and thousands of destinations to deliver, manual document creation is a nightmare.

with EDocGen document generator software, freight companies can automate the generation of shipping notes, waybills, bills of landing, proof of delivery etc. , thus free up time for their deliveries team.


E-Commerce companies create millions of invoices, packing slips, labels etc. using the data from their platforms.

Populate e-commerce data into document templates to create professional documents within seconds using EDocGen.

Though we covered only a small fraction of businesses, this gives an idea about the importance of adopting document generator software for business operations. It saves time, money and greatly improves the productivity of employees.