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Why HR Documentation Software is a Must

Posted by on 28th July 2017

Manual Template Population is Expensive

HR has a lot of importance in modern-day organization ranging from strategic planning to company image building. But manual activities are burdening HR teams to reach their full potential.HR activities like recruiting, hiring, disputes, certifications, and reviews together generate a staggering amount of documentation. Most HR departments still have a heavy reliance on manual document creation. This documentation starts even before an employee is hired and continues well after that person has left the organization.

Cut and paste from existing documents or manual filling templates with repetitive data is expensive, slow, and often error-prone. Delete a wrong clause, wrong joining date or forget to change a name in benefits enrollment document or employment contract document and the entire process can go off the rails. On top of it, each of these manually created documents requires careful checking thus injecting a lot of inefficiencies and wastage of time.

According to IDC research report, HR teams spend 80% of their time working with documents and using a documentation software improve their productivity by 30%. This also significantly reduces (23%) the business/compliance risks.

How HR Documentation Software works

HR Documentation Software can bring dramatic productivity gains for both large and small organizations. For a company with hundreds of employees, especially in high-turnover industries, automating document generation can result in dramatic savings and significantly reduce administrative overheads. And for small/medium Company with limited resources, this improves process turnaround time and gives them the ability to more with fewer resources.

These systems auto-generate fillable form from HR templates for entering dynamic field’s data. Populating this form for generating individual document through this approach reduces cut-and-paste errors and improves speed.

You could argue why not use Mail merge Macros instead for document generation. If your forms are simple with limited fields, macros are an option to consider. But templates are not constant and they undergo changes time-to-time. Every time you would need IT support to make changes. Hence maintenance becomes a big headache.

In spite of your investments in HCM and other applications, automation gaps and a lack of integration with your existing systems for document generation can adversely impact the quality of the employee experience.

Why EDocGen HR Documentation Software

EDocGen is NextGen HR Documentation Software and takes the pain out of template creation, typically associated with document generation systems. You don’t need IT team/technical skills for template creation and is designed for business users to generate documents faster.

With EDocGen users can use existing document formats to auto-generate documents. It doesn't force users to switch to system's templates/formats. It’s a genuine DIY document generation system and doesn’t any IT support with a very small learning curve.

EDocGen offers some very cool features. Often times while filling documents, you might have encountered a scenario where you enter the same value (Ex: Employee name) at multiple places in the document. With EDocGen you enter the value in the form only once and the system fills at for all multiple occurrences of that field in the document.

It also allows the population of XML/ Excel/JSON into HR templates for multiple documents generation. If you maintain your employee data in HRMS or ERP systems, you can export it in any of these formats. EDocGen supports both vertical & horizontal orientation of Excel and can perform many to one mail merge.

EDocGen HR Documentation Software supports the dynamic population of text, tables & images and is extremely flexible to generate different kinds of HR documents.

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