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Posted by on 16th July 2017

Document Generation


Will you ever fill a document manually, if there is a choice to use a system/tool that auto-generates documents. None of us will. Manual filling of documents is expensive, slow, and often error-prone. Moreover, every organization is going for digital platforms, getting rid of manual documentation processes to improve customer experience and internal efficiencies. Having understood the importance, let’s explore different ways to achieve document auto-generation.

1. Word Macros – These are extensions to MS Word built with VBA coding and are mostly suitable for documents with very few dynamic fields. Developers have to code for each document and even a small change in document requires IT support. It’s a complete misfit for an organization with growing library of document templates.

2. Word merge – One of the great features of MS for filling word documents with excel data. But it has narrow focus and offers limited functionality. For example dynamic population of word tables, images requires lot of work and it can’t auto fill XML or JSON data into word template. Moreover, this option is not available to Google Docs users

3. Dynamic Document generation Software – Suitable for creating documents both individually or in batch mode. In next section, we are going to look at feature details and drawbacks of current crop of document generation systems.


Document Generation



Word Merge

Document Generation

Individual and batch



Development Efforts

None to Medium

Medium to Heavy


Integration with other Systems

Easy as most of them offer API










Dynamic Document Generation Software


In spite of great benefits and value dynamic document generation software provide, still vast majority of organizations haven’t adopted them barring some legal firms. Infact, they haven’t received enough attention as their other digital counterparts even though some of these document generation systems are in the market for last 20-30 years. Not surprisingly, almost all dynamic document generation software websites emphasize on what document generation software is and how it works.

Wondering why these tools received so less attention, I came up with few of my own reasons.

# Legacy tools work as word-plugins there by complicating the process of template creation and document generation. The installation, setup, and maintenance require lot of development efforts. They can’t be used with other word processors such as Google Docs. Integrating them with existing systems for document auto-generation is difficult

# In SAAS world

  o The majority of them serve only certain verticals such as law, finance or business areas such as Invoices, contracts, proposals etc. This limits their utility as an enterprise solution for all the departments of the organization

  o Some are overly complex with too many features and have large learning curve

  o Either template creation is offline or force user to create new template online, junking existing templates


NextGen Dynamic Document Generation Software


Obviously, market needs simple to use SAAS DIY document generation software solution with an intuitive interface. Users should be able to auto-generate documents in 3 simple steps. 1) Create document template from existing document at the speed of a few clicks (few seconds!) 2) Auto fill templates with Excel/XML/JSON data to generate documents 3) Distribute them through multiple delivery options including email, syncing to Google drive, mail merge etc.

Documents may be a universal truth across organizations, but every industry has unique document requirements to transact business. Dynamic document generation system flexible to address these requirements would greatly improve efficiencies of HR, Procurement, Finance, Sales & Marketing departments besides improving customer communications.

Now here comes EDocGen addressing all the above requirements. EDocGen is the fastest and the simplest way to auto-generate documents.It automates generation of HR, Finance, Sales, Legal documents by dynamically assembling text, images and tables in document templates from XML, JSON, Excel and online forms data.

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